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Vibration sensor module vibration sensors vibration sensors

Vibration sensor module vibration sensors vibration sensors for automation.

Vibration sensor module vibration sensors vibration sensors for vehicle vibration sensor.


This product uses the vibration sensor system buzzer and contact springs, with high sensitivity, fast, high-performance characteristics. Car theft and other security products have been widely used. Security has become a modern low-cost, practical choice.
Internal weight structure plus spring vibration signal detection piezoelectric ceramics, and the like by LM358 op amp amplifies and outputs a control signal, a low cost, high sensitivity, stable and reliable, vibration detection can be adjusted a wide range of advantages, are a large number of applications to the steam, motorcycle car anti-theft system, currently 80% of the vehicle alarm are used such sensors, internal sensor SMT chip technology, assembled from imported components, the sensor can be used with single-chip, a wireless transmitter module, wired siren, etc. supporting the use of wide range of uses.

Technical Parameters:
1. Output Current: ≤100mA (maximum load current)
2. Quiescent Current: ≤6mA
3. rated voltage: 12V
4. the working voltage: 5-15V

Lead Description:
1, the blue line is the signal output by 358 op amp output, when no shock is high (note output pin to pullup resistor), when vibration is low.
2, red line supply: + 12V
3, the black wire to the ground

Pin Definitions
1. Blue: signal output, detected a vibration output cycle pulldown signal, can and microcontroller interface (please pull a resistor connected to the microcontroller on the IO port, so usually maintain a high level, vibration sensor when pulled low). Usually 5V output pull outputs 5V pullup 12V outputs 12V, when there is vibration when the output low (theory 0) Ground
2. black wire: ground
3. Red: positive power supply 5 to 15 V DC

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