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MAX3485 TTL to RS485 module Overvoltage Protection Modules

MAX3485 TTL to RS485 module Overvoltage Protection Modules
1, module used in all MAX485ESA and MAX3485ESA industrial grade chip
2, with the 485 signal overvoltage protection function
3, with the signal and power LED lights, send and receive status panoramic view
4, with a 120 ohm termination resistors gating function, when remote communication,  can direct short circuited
5, this module leads out 485 signal grand,because the MAX485 signal can bear common mode voltage of -7 to +12V,Some buyers in the purchase of other shop with no overvoltage protection module, as the 485 signal common mode voltage too high resulting in 485 burn or fever. This store module can solve this problem.
6, the module using tantalum electrolytic capacitor filtering the power supply, the power supply quality is better.
7.Module pin can be directly inserted in the 2.54 spacing hole plate , facilitate the development
8, this shop all modules are subjected to rigorous testing, quality assurance
9, the rear of the module with the wiring diagram, convenient for your use

Package Included:
1 * MAX3485 module

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