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Singlechip TTL To RS485 Module 485 To Serial Port UART Automatic Flow Control

Singlechip TTL To RS485 Module 485 To Serial Port UART Level Conversion Hardware Automatic Flow Control



1, all chips we guarantee is the new imported industrial chip, super long distance transmission up to a thousand miles.

2.with positive and negative 15KV ESD protection

3, the chip has a slew rate limited driver, maximum reduction of EMI, and reduce the signal reflections caused by improperly terminated cable, so that the error free signal transmission rate up to 500Kbps.

4, having a receiver input impedance of 1/4 unit load, support multi machine communication, allowing up to 128 devices connected to the bus

5, industrial class chip operating temperature can reach to -40 DEG to +85 DEG C.

6, this module can be hot swappable, does not appear to signal plug the other 485 chip hot swap appear dead phenomenon.

7, the power use SMD tantalum electrolytic capacitor, and high and low frequency power supply filter using dual capacitor

8,use double transient suppression diode, overvoltage protection performance is more outstanding

9, use 10 ohm current protection resistor, SMD design to improve the 485 signal integrity

10, with the terminal and the welding wire holes, commissioning and final version convenient wiring, welding wire can improve the reliability of signal

11, RS485, TTL signal of all single wire, guarantee the quality of the signal and improve the signal integrity

12, a large area of copper paving, preventing signal interference

13, with the distance between the 2.54 hole plate welding holes,   convenient your  two times development

14, has the quite commonly used M3 screw holes, convenient and reliable installation

15, with a 120 ohm termination resistors, shorted R16 can enable the terminating resistor

16, with power and RXD, the TXD indicator light, panoramic view of receiving condition

17, corner pin lead, easy to test

18, support for 3.3V and 5V signal control,greater compatibility.

Module wiring diagram example:


Package Included:

1 * TTL to RS485 module

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