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Y-105 USB to serial cable USB-COM USB to RS232

Y-105 USB to serial cable USB-COM USB to RS232

chip USB to Serial Menggunakan PL2303


Baby details:
Condition: New
Y-105 two-chip serial line
Two-chip using PL2303 +211 Chip
USB to
1. Support the RS - 232 interface, standard DB9 pin connector
2. Support automatic handshake protocol
3. Supports remote wakeup and power management
4. USB bus directly to take power, no external power supply
5. USB port to the serial communication
6. Windoes98 above the operating system support
7. Install the driver simply, RS - 232, high-speed data communications transition
Completely solve the notebook, desktop no 9-pin RS 232 serial port problems.
Mainly applies to routers, switches and other industrial equipment configuration of Console port to use. (This machine is generally used, but the large machine is not used)
Also applies to bar code reading equipment, telephones, mobile phones, digital cameras, MODEM, ISDN terminal adapters and other communications.
Compatibility feature is very good (low-end products on the market there are all kinds of other incompatibility problems between devices, but also difficult to buy back can not even use the money more costly time-consuming, once you have experienced know),
CD-ROM with drivers
Supports Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, MacOS 8.6 or higher.
Support USB1.0/1.1 specification, compatible with USB2.0 specifications. 


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