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MCP2515 CAN bus module TJA1050 receiver MCU SPI protocol

MCP2515 CAN bus module TJA1050 receiver 51 MCU SPI protocol routines



MCP2515 Module adopts CAN controller MCP2515, and TJA1050 high-speed CAN transceiver. Onboard independent key.
Microchip MCP2515 independent CAN protocol controller, support CAN V2.0B regulation. The connection between MCP2515 and MCU is through SPI.


1.    Support CAN 2.0B protocol
2.    Use High-speed CAN transceiver TJA1050
3.    Dimension: 40×28mm
4.    SPI control for expand Multi CAN bus interface
5.    8MHZ crystal oscillator
6.    120Ω terminal resistance
7.    Use serial port could view the communication data
8.    With independent key, LED indicator, Power indicator
9.    With power pin

Package Included:

1× MCP2515 Module


detail album product:



Pin identification Function
VCC :5V power input pin
GND : power ground pin
CS : SPI SLAVE select pin
(Active low)
SO : SPI master input slave output lead
SI : SPI master output slave input lead
SCLK: SPI clock pin
INT: MCP2515 interrupt pin

Jumper identification Function

J1: 120R resistor terminal selection
J2: CANH, CANL KF301-2P Block output
J3: CANH, CANL pin output

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