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LCD128X64 LCD 128*64 screen super 5110

This screen driver chip UC1701, with a new original screen, the available five-line driven.

Instructions for use:
Voltage: 3.3-5V
LCD128 * 64
LED for the backlight, available PWM control brightness. Shorting plate behind the led-on backlight is lit.
Offers 51 single experimental program that provides Arduino libraries and experimental procedures.

5110 screen on the market are refurbished screen, zebra easy bad, our screens and 5110 the volume of similar size screen, and the characters more than the 5110 display, and we are new original screen, supply stability.


backlight berada di pin LED: aktif LOW

pencarian literatur di google kata kunci lcd 128*64 driver chip UC1701


untuk gambar/ sample code dengan arduino,

bisa dilihat di link ini:



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