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Magnetic field sensor yang berbentuk IC dengan output linier

The AD22151 is a linear magnetic field transducer. The sensor
output is a voltage proportional to a magnetic field applied
perpendicularly to the package top surface.
The sensor combines integrated bulk Hall cell technology and
instrumentation circuitry to minimize temperature related drifts
associated with silicon Hall cell characteristics. The architecture
maximizes the advantages of a monolithic implementation while
allowing sufficient versatility to meet varied application require-
ments with a minimum number of components.
Principal features include dynamic offset drift cancellation
and a built-in temperature sensor. Designed for single 5 V
supply operation, the AD22151 achieves low drift offset and
gain operation over –40∞C to +150∞C. Temperature compensa-
tion can accommodate a number of magnetic materials commonly
utilized in economic position sensor assemblies.
The transducer can be configured for specific signal gains to
meet various application requirements. Output voltage can be
adjusted from fully bipolar (reversible) field operation to fully
unipolar field sensing.
The voltage output achieves near rail-to-rail dynamic range,
capable of supplying 1 mA into large capacitive loads. The
signal is ratiometric to the positive supply rail in all configurations.


- Supply voltage 5V
- Supply current 6mA
- Sensitivity 160uV/G/V
- Output noise (6KHz BW) 2.4 V/Rms
- Ratiometric error 1%V/Vcc
- Gain error +/- 1%
- Voltage output
- Gain Adjustable over wide range
- Ratiometric to Vcc
- Adjustable offset to unipolar / Bipolar operation
- Operating temperature -40 sampai 150 derajat
- Package 8 Lead SOIC

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