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12-Bit Monolithic Multiplying DAC

The Analog Devices AD7541A is a low cost, high performance
12-bit monolithic multiplying digital-to-analog converter. It is
fabricated using advanced, low noise, thin film on CMOS
technology and is available in a standard 18-lead DIP and in
20-terminal surface mount packages.
The AD7541A is functionally and pin compatible with the in-
dustry standard AD7541 device and offers improved specifica-
tions and performance. The improved design ensures that the
device is latch-up free so no output protection Schottky diodes
are required.
This new device uses laser wafer trimming to provide full 12-bit
endpoint linearity with several new high performance grades.


Improved Version of AD7541
Full Four-Quadrant Multiplication
12-Bit Linearity (Endpoint)
All Parts Guaranteed Monotonic
TTL/CMOS Compatible
Low Cost
Protection Schottky Diodes Not Required
Low Logic Input Leakage

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